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Re: MIDI Tempo based effect processor?

Although I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it,
Alesis is coming out with a single space rack unit
called AKIRA. I think it's supposed to sell for
around $250. I'm wondering if it's a rack version of
their INEKO processor. If so, it would have filter &
vocoder effects as well as delay & reverb.


The only other things I can think of are the Eventide
Eclipse, a used Korg AM8000R (don't know if it does
vocoder), maybe the Lexicon MPX-1 (again, vocoder??).

Which Roland device were you considering?


--- Mark Sottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
> Hey,
> after lugging two racks of gear down to Loopstock, I
> found myself asking 
> the ever new question, "Isn't there a smaller way to
> do this?"  What I'm 
> basically hoping for is to replace my MO-FX (tempo
> based delay, flange 
> and tremolo) and Warp Factory (Vocoder) with one
> unit, perferably a 
> single rack space number.  Lot's of knobs aren't
> really all that 
> relevent to me, as a guitarist, presets that I can
> control via midi are 
> better for me.  Roland makes a cool little number,
> designed for DJs, but 
> it's a tabletop number, which isn't the best for my
> dream of a 
> guitar-rack-amp setup.  Anything like this out
> there?
> Mark Sottilaro

John Tidwell

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