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Re: Loopstock appreciation

hey, steve....

kudos to you and your set.  i had assumed that technical problems of 
some type during the day was almost a given, and the folks that 
endured them came through with flying colors.  i have a newfound 
added respect for you brave ones who are looping acoustic instruments.


>"Twelve hours of peace, love, and repetition."
>  -Bill Walker
>Loopstock was a huge success, and I want to thank everyone
>for their great music, amazing creativity, and technical
>wizardry.  It was a privilege for me to share the bill
>with so many much more experienced musicians, with so
>much talent (and hardware(I want the first againinator when
>it is publicly released.))  Having the opportunity to just
>hang out with everyone was worth the trip, and being
>accepted as a performer really made it special for me.
>And one more big thank you to Hans for organizing the
>Yours in rhythm,
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