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california dreamin on such a winter day

just got back to pittsburgh 16 degrees out, yikes!!!! it was almost 80 

loopstock.....what can i say!  WOW!  what a fantastic day.....it was great 
meeting everyone, in fact, i didnt meet all that showed because there were 
many folk , how cool.....i will not review the music at this point, im 
but i want to send a monster big THANK YOU to hans for all of the terrific 
work and great hospitality what an effort on hans part, ll: THANK YOU, 
YOU, THANK YOU :ll .....i dont ever remember feeling so relaxed with so 
"strangers", i think bill w used the word "ego-less", how true.....what a 
sprit of shareing.....sorry i missed breakfast on sunday, did kim eat some 
eggs for me?.....its good to put faces to many new and old 
all.....michael k