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About Us - WAS: Post Loopstock Debriefing

>>in an effort to all learn who we are (especially
>>new-comers to the list like myself)...

Howdy, I'm one of the surly women of SLEEPING (okay, not really surly, more
like stage-frightened). Mark (Sottilaro) (my husband) has been muttering to
me for a couple years about the various comings and goings on the Loopers
list, and after going to Loopstock, I thought it was about time I joined
in. I may not have too much to say since I'm not such a gear-geek, but I do
love some crazy music and enjoy making my opinions known.

My name is Valerie and until last year I was a graphic designer. I'm lucky
enough to be able to get by with a little contract work, but the majority
of my time right now is spent on the arts: Neon (as seen in the
Againinator), silversmithing (http://www.valerium.net/), music (one of
these days we'll get a proper CD out) and belly dancing.
I don't miss the corporate world!

I loved Loopstock. Mark and I met through our love of
ambient(/experimental/electronic/looped) music, and there were literally
some of the best live examples I've heard there. Some very gutsy, moving,
gorgeous and inspired moments. Many in fact. I think I was afraid I'd get
bored eventually, but I didn't. It was a pleasure to play among you, and I
thank you as a group for the warm welcome and kind words.

Hans, It may have been hard to swallow, but thanks for biting off more than
you could chew, intentionally or not. I too was astonished at how smoothly
set-ups and breakdowns went, and I owe you one... This is the first time
I've ever gotten to play with *monitors*! Hurrah!

nice to meet Y'all.