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Loopstock pict identifications

I took a shot at identifying people.  Apologies in advance for 

P3020001: Stanitarium
P3020002: Michael LaMeyer, (Katrin stick player in Sleeping), Valerie 
(keyboards in Sleeping)
P3020003: Mark Hamburg, Ted Killian, Dr Bob Sterling, Max Valentino, ?, ?, 
Joe (Calaveri?)
P3020004: Steven Rice
P3020005: friend of Mark's
P3020006: friend of Mark's
P3020007: Steven Rice
P3020008: Picture of mirrored wall.  In the reflection: Cliff Novey, Mark 
(holding the camera), 2 people, me, someone else, Stan, more people... and 
the PA mixers
P3020009: Katrin during Sleeping performance
P3020010 - P3020023: Sleeping
P3020026 - P3020027: Jon Wagner
P3020028 and P3020030: Matthias Grob, Rik Walker, Jon Wagner
P3020029: Matthias and Rik (Dr. Bob on the stairs?)
P3020031: Mark Landman (?), Katrin, guy in hat, Joe, PA guy(?), Mark 
Hamburg, Steven Rice, (not sure who the ghost is - Michael or Jon maybe?), 
Max Valentino, Dr. Z, Rich Atkinson
P3020032-P3020045: Madonna Inn pix?
P3020046: Tom Heasley
P3030047: Armatronix (Hans and Daniel Seymour)
P3030048: Hans

At 10:49 AM 2002/03/05, you wrote:
>hey gang,
>I posted the picts I took at:
>sorry, I didn't get all the artists or performances, but I posted all of 
>Mark Sottilaro