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Re: RC-20 review

Title: Re: RC-20 review
on 4/16/02 11:50 PM, Reid, Benjamin at BReid@about-inc.com wrote:

I get the impression not a lot of other people use the Boss RC-20. I got it primarily because it's Boss, had long loops, and was affordable. Are there other RC-20 users on the list? Seems like the EDP and Repeater are most common.

On the whole I like the pedal, esp for the price point (225 used) Things I see holding it back:

+ No midi synch. This seems so easy I can't explain why it's not on there.
+ Limited time stretch.
+ Also seems to be a minimum loop time (I might not have learned this properly yet) which won't allow you to get lower than 1 second. I was hoping to make sub-second/stuttering loops.

Anyone else have similar experiences or opinions on the pedal?


I love my rc-20, although it's the first looping device I've ever used.  I store breakbeats in most of the banks to get an even cut loop.  I'm beginning to wish I had something that would make playing with a drummer easier though.  In short, it's great for storing stuff on and then looping over that, especially for the money,  but if you want to do stuff on the fly, it ain't that great.