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RE: May 1 Blackout at EarthLight Studios

Then aren't you against recording artists, songwriters, composers, etc.
from receiving royalties? I believe broadcast is broadcast is broadcast,
even if it is webcast. Therefore, we musicians should be compensated
just as we are in all other media.

Sorry you are against it, and I understand where you are coming from.
However, being a musician and composer who would like to benefit from
broadcast royalties, I for one am telling my representatives to vote FOR
the CARP recommendations.

J. Sawruk

P.S. The American Federation of Musicians has send email (propaganda) to
all its members requesting they support the CARP recommendations. I,
however, formed my conclusions prior to receiving this email.

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Subject: May 1 Blackout at EarthLight Studios

Hi Folks,

In alignment with webcasters, and against the pending considerations in
Washington about broadcast royalties that would drive all but the majors
of the business, EarthLight Studios has removed all music links from its
site.  For more information about this, go to
http://www.saveinternetradio.org - or contact your Congressman or
and tell them to vote down the CARP recommendations.

Democracy has this problem:  It requires participation!  Thank you for
attention but mostly your help.

Stephen P. Goodman
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