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Re: New Jazzer on the list

Actually, he is a stick player, so you'd better get ready for the talk



>>> darrell367@earthlink.net 04/30/02 10:25AM >>>
on 4/29/02 6:41 AM, Mark Smart at mwsmart@insightbb.com wrote:

> Hi all.
> I am a jazz guitarist from Champaign, IL who just joined the list. I
> been building a looping setup with two Boss RC-20 Loop Stations, and
> almost done with it.
> This jazz setup consists of an Ibanez Artist AR-250 with a Copeland
> humbucker pickup in the neck position to split the strings so that
the top
> four go through a guitar amp simulator and the bottom two can go
through a
> Dano Chili Dog octave divider pedal and a Sansmp Bass DI for a bass
sound. I
> ended up with two RC-20's when a certain mail order place sent me two
when I
> only ordered and paid for one! After I had them for a while, I
realized that
> when you string two RC-20's in series you can do a lot of cool tricks
> recording a long loop over multiple repitiions of a short loop (like
> Multiply pedal on the Gibson/Oberheim Echoplex). I have 4-bar jazz
> loops (from the Peter Erskine Living Drums CD plus a few from regular
> CDs) stored in the first RC-20, which I play bass-and-guitar
> over, then loop the whole thing and solo on it.
> I intend to use this setup mostly for straight jazz, but I have done
> messing around in other styles. I did a few gigs using my Roland VG-8
and a
> borrowed Oberheim Echoplex to do Mahavishnu Orchestra tunes and
simulate a
> bluegrass band.
> I'm interested to hear from other loopers doing jazz stuff, and
others using
> the
> two-RC-20s-in-series trick. Thanks!
> Mark Smart
hey jazzer, great to have you.  you use a rc-20 and a chili dog?!!!  If
were a stick player I'd say we were separated at birth!  thanks for
peter erksine cd tip, I've been using funk breakbeats on my rc-20, but
been trying to find more jazz drums.