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loop IV features vol 1

Just to get you all interested.
Some features of the new Loop4 software for the EDP, not available with 

16 loops, previously 9.

New InsertModes, which change the way the Insert button works,
in addition to Ins, rhr, Rev, rEP
1) HSP Halfspeed playback, and record. 
2) SUB , substitute, which means that feedback is reduced to zero.
3) SUS, changes the way both Insert and Multiply buttons work, the 
  function is ended as soon as the button is released, so you can 
  make very short loops, or add v.short sounds together.
   (Granular synthesis if you like)
   if you like the RecorMode=SUS from loop3, then
   this is worth getting excited about.  

There are 2 new values for quantise, in addition to the 
old Off and CYC (=per cycle)
1)LOP quantises to the entire loop, however many cycles it contains.
2)8th quantises to an eighth note, as selected by the 8th/cycle parameter.

the 8th quantise lets you divide the loop length with total accuracy,
and allows you to replace single beats within the loop with a single press.

andy butler