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Re: Native Instruments FM7

>If anyone is curious about the FM7 software synthesizer, my review 
>on audioMIDI.com is available. If anyone else is using it I'd like 
>to compare notes. If anyone has questions beyond what's covered in 
>my review, feel free.

Nice review. I also spent a lot of the 80's programming a DX, (and 
just picked up a TX-416 a few years ago for peanuts). I've become a 
big fan of Cesare Ferrari's FMHeaven VSTi 
(http://www.loftsoft.co.uk/), which appears to do much of what FM7 
does, but a lot cheaper. Sounds very much like the original too, I 
compared patches between it and the TX, and really couldn't hear a 

Dave Trenkel                                New and Improv Music
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