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Re: OT: Does anyone make a footswitch type control but that one woulduse in their mouth?!

At 10:43 AM -0400 5/2/02, Wolf, Bill wrote:
>Does anyone make a footswitch type control but that one would use in
>their mouth?!  Something that kind of looks like a breath controller.
>Hey, maybe I'm on to something.  It could also have a tongue continuous
>controller for pitch bends:-)

A breath controller with a MIDI Solutions BC3 interface might work, 
though there might be some latency as the controller value ramps up 
to the switching threshold.

Any MIDI switch is just a special case of a MIDI continuous 
controller, so if you were to use a pedal or fader or knob controller 
then any value of 63 or below would be OFF and any value above would 
be ON.

You should be able to build a small switch that you could hold 
between your teeth and bite down to make contact. Two strips of 
springy metal separated by two spongy pads might work:

        ================== <- attach one wire here
        XXXXX        XXXXX
        ================== <- attach other wire here

            bite here

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202