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Re: Subject: Echoplex Digi Pro - syncing in 6/8 w/drum machine???

In a message dated 03/05/02 09:22:56 GMT Daylight Time, 
Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com writes:

> EDP controlling my Roland V-Drum brain. When I play in 4/4 everything is 
> cool-my loops groove with the drum machine. Hwever, when I play in 6/8 
> tempo comes out funny on the drum brain. Is there a parameter that I 
> change on the EDP? I am still using the previous software - Loop 3, I 
> ..Also, Can't find the paperback manual. Is it online somewhere?  
>  Thanks!!!!   
>  Bradley Fish

the manual:-

lots of echoplex stuff on the LD site

and sort your problem by changing the 8th/cycle parameter.
try 6 or 12

andy butler
with apologies to bandwidth watchers for the double send 
with the dumb useless subject