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Re: (RC-20 review) -EQ pedal

The EQ pedal does +- 15 dB, not as much as I'd like, but
still pretty handy.

Yours in rhythm,


Hey Steve-

How much can you cut/boost the freq ranges with that thing? I 
wonder if it
could be used for extreme eq like the Electrix EQ Killer-


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> I have the Boss EQ pedal and find it quite useful.  As Lou
> suggested, you can have different presets available, but
> what is cool to me is to kick it on and off during a piece.
> As the loop is playing away I can momentarily change
> my EQ and volume from wet to dry or dry to wet.  The live
> instrument can then play a phrase that comes out above
> the mix, then be more of an accompaniment.
> Yours in rhythm,
> Steve

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