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Re: Ready to dump Repeater

Title: Re: Ready to dump Repeater
Hi, Mark:
Yes, that does indeed work (MIDI for Loop Up & Down) and Digitech for Play. I'm thinking of spinning a pie plate on a stick in my mouth while I play guitar and 'tap dance'  as well. Hehehe...Too bad Ed Sullivan isn't still alive.
'gards, Butch
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From: Marklar
Sent: Saturday, May 04, 2002 12:17 AM
Subject: Re: Ready to dump Repeater

I've had success using a Behringer FCP1010 to send loop up and down info, and then use the Digitech FS300 to cue up a play or record function.  Seems to work fine, although a little clumsey.  I've not tried to make the Behringer do it all yet.


on 5/3/02 6:36 PM, Butch at paulrichard10@attbi.com wrote:

Man, I tell ya. The Repeater is a nice unit. Except it's foot pedal controls (both with a three-button Digitech and a MIDI controller) leave a lot to be desired. The EDP leaves it in the dust in that department.

I haven't been able to change loops without using my hands since I got the thing. I'm on my second MIDI pedal. I thought my original somewhat archaic Digitech PDS-type was not the best device to use and since sold it. I purchased a Fender Cyber-Twin MIDI Foot Pedal with the intention of using it for the CT as well as the Repeater. It's a real simple pedal to use. Sends PC and can send CC.

Most of the MIDI functions I tried worked BUT when a new loop is selected (after being created), ex. LOOP UP, I can't get the darn thing to PLAY. I opened a case with Electrix and they're helpful but it seems weird that a simple function can't be made to work. I'm running 1.1, BTW.

This problem is really starting to get on my nerves. As a guitar player, stopping to manually initiate Loop Up or Loop Down ain't gonna cut it.

Electrix should have, in the first place, took a lesson from Gibson and used more than a 3 switch pedal. You got to be able to Loop Up or Down.

Oh well, must have been the bad Martinis I drank earlier.

Regards, Butch