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>From: the living rumor <rumors@thelivingjarboe.com>

>Hello to all Living Rumor subscribers !
>NEWS: The Swans c.d. "Feel Good Now" reissue is on the horizon and running
>towards us.
>Pre-orders are being taken right 'NOW' from :
>Recently added : unusual Snake jewelry worn during the Children Of God and
>Blood Women Roses era I collected mostly in Europe is also being offered on
Coming : my new fetish boxes, art, master reels to display on your wall,
>and spooky oddities.
>Contact info@thelivingjarboe.com  for more.
>Also ,  finally  a new photograph of ME on my home page.
>Thanks for the numerous email requests !
>The ' MEN ' album updates : I have received a terrific track from David
>Torn (among numerous noteworthy achievements,  DT is David Bowie's
>guitarist) and  Maynard Keenan (Tool, A Perfect Circle) will be working on
>a track for ' MEN ' in June.
>In a few weeks, I head back to Los Angeles to sing on the album I'm doing
>with the band, Neurosis. This new project is as yet unnamed ...