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Loop IV features vol 2

All about Nextloop

When you only have one loop (Moreloops=1)
NextLoop now acts as a Retrigger:
it starts the loop from the beginning on each press.

For instant stutter repeats you can hit Record, then
you can move your foot across to "NextLoop".
The first press ends the record, and starts the first playback.
Then each press of NextLoop restarts the loop.
(all this not to be confused with the new Stutter Mode,
which is a different thing entirely)

with multiple loops:-

in loop3 using NextLoop to end a Recording just ends
the record, as if you finished the recording with another press
of the record button.
in Loop4 you can go straight to the next loop, and 
start recording (AutoRecord=On)
This allows you to record all the sections of a piece 
of music at the beginning of the piece.
(or a series of notes to use as samples)

The SwitchQuant parameter has new values which work
in a Quantised way, these  allow you 
to select the loop in advance and confirm when you want to 
go to it, (just like SwitchQuant=Cnf) but the EDP still waits for
the end of the loop(or Cycle) before it changes over to the new 
This solves the problem of the "lame duck period"
(as it is called in the Loop3 manual)
With Loop 3 if you want the changover to happen exactly
at the end of the loop you need to use Nextloop to select 
the loop, then if you want to use any extra functions 
(like Multiply for instance) you have  to hit that as well.
If the loop is short you don't have time to select the loop
you want to go to and also the function you want to use.

Loop4 solves all this, you get all the time you need and 
still change exactly at the end of the loop.

And when SwitchQuant isn't set to "OFF", a
Long press of NextLoop selects loop number 1.

..........and all that just for one button

andy butler