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Re: Handsonic

     Hello. I use the HandSonic Live almost everyday. I play for dance 
classes at VCU the Richmond Ballet, and other places as well. I also use 
for live improvs and with a band that I am currently forming. (Both the 
guitarists in the group have an EDP. One also has a Repeater and a Jamman 
The HPD is an excellent instrument to use for live looping.) One of it's 
strong points is having 15 pads in a playing surface the size of a conga 
head. It's very intuitve to say the least. It has some nice realtime 
features as well (2 ribbon controllers, a D-beam, and 4 knobs). 
     I've also been using it a lot in my little studio. It appears quite a 
bit in the two current commission pieces that I am working on for faculty 
     The internal sound set is a mixed bag. Some of the sounds are really 
nice, but some sounds seem like wasted space (IMHO). It's not Nirvana, but 
for having everything in one compact, intuitive unit (A fairly flexible 
set, plenty of realtime control, etc.) it's great. (Do note that not 
everything is implemented the way I wished it was, and that I intially 
rejected the Handsonic as a work in progress)
     My advice is to closely scrutinize at a local music store, or buy it 
from a store that wil allow you return it. If you would like more detailed 
info, feel free to email me directly.
     Take care, Marc 

In a message dated 05/05/2002 1:11:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
gareth@whiteoakstudios.freeserve.co.uk writes:

> Hi guys,
>  I'm thinking of getting a handsonic particularly for live use - any
>  comments?
>  Gareth