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Re: midi & repeater (was Re: Ready to dump Repeater) - sorry for the cross post

you can EITHER send a PC or a CC for most functions.  for the
switchlike functions (on/off), they should work exactly the
same, for some of the other functions, the PC may function as a
switch while the CC w/a value sets something specific.

BIG CAVEAT: i've found that the CC messages work as documented
but the PC messages don't.  this is not necessarily Behringer's
fault, it's due to the PC implementation (there are two types,
one with PC messages starting at '1' and another with PC
messages starting at '0'; apparently the 1010 and the repeater
follow different implementations).  you have to increment the
documented repeater PC messages by +1 in almost all cases when
you program the 1010(except for the actual typo's, such as the
Record PC message, which appears for me to work as documented).

if the CC messages don't work either, check your MIDI
configuration, as they should work.  make sure that the global
MIDI channels you specifiy for the 1010 pedals matches the MIDI
channel selected by the rotary in the back of the repeater.  you
should see the MIDI light on the repeater light up when you send

fwiw, once i figured out the PC offset problem and discovered
the typo's by trial and error, it was smooth sailing for me.
i'm to the point now where i'm getting pretty comfortable with
basic functions, and now i'm going to try some combo messages
(such as up loop + record) and see how that flys.  i'll also get
around to documenting which messages work for me and describing
the typo's, at some point.

good luck,


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Subject: midi & repeater (was Re: Ready to dump Repeater)

> --- Michael LaMeyer <m.lameyer@verizon.net> wrote:
> > have you tried assigning two CC/PC messages to one
> > pedal, one to
> > Up Loop and one to Record/Play?
> >
> the replies to the recent threads about the repeater
> receiving pcs and ccs via midi have gotten me a bit
> confused and i was wondering if anyone can clear this
> up for me...
> now, the repeater manual gives a chart listing pc's
> and cc's to make various face-plate functions happen.
> i've been trying to use these numbers with a behringer
> fcb1010 unsuceccessfully.  the numbers in the manual
> are off or the behringer unit has some sort of
> different numbering system...but either way what is
> listed is acting funny when programmed and sent to the
> repeater.
> do i need to send a pc, cc, and a value to make
> something happen or just a pc or just a cc and a
> value?  the replies i've read make it seem like you
> can use a cc or a pc...i thought you needed to use
> both as a combination to make things work?  can
> someone who uses the repeater and behringer send me
> what they programmed for a few functions to use a
> guideline to get this pedal to work with my repeater?
> maybe send what is programmed for 2 or 3 basic
> functions and 2 or 3 odd functions...i'm just a bit
> confused and can't really find the correct
> implementation chart, and i was under the impression
> that several folks were using the two pieces of gear
> together without problems.  any and all help is mucho
> appreciated!
> thanks!
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