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Re: Handsonic

on 5/5/02 11:44 PM, Mark Sottilaro at sine@zerocrossing.net wrote:

> I've seen people do
> cool stuff where they seemed to be controlling effects via the d-beam,
> no?

Yes. But the control isn't as deep as on some other Roland boxes and since
the sequencer is poor this means that you've only got one hand available 
playing the drums.

(What I really want in a looping MIDI controller is something that notices
that you seem to be cycling on a particular pattern and takes over playing
that part so that you can do work on top of it. I'd settle, however, for
something that just made it easy to drop parts in and out, replace parts,
write new loops, etc. all live. Put that together with effects oriented
toward live tweaking and it would make for a really cool instrument. I've
contemplated getting a Repeater and using the multitrack and FX loop 
there, but it's only 4-tracks and it feels stupid to have a box with
64-voice polyphony that is basically just delivering a couple of voices 
an audio looper.)