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Re: basic loops

oh yeah angelo, btw, check in your local radio shack type store. if you're 
lucky, they'll
have the cassettes laying around in lengths from 15 seconds to 5 minutes. 
should be near the
phones.  you'll also find splicing tape and a splicing block there. if 
you're *really* lucky
they'll be clearing them out for like 50 cents apiece. if you can't find 
them at radio shack,
look for old answering machines in thrift stores. have fun!

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> At 1:34 PM -0700 5/7/02, angelo valadon wrote:
> >i want to loop a normal audio cassette tape, but i can't figure out
> >how to provide the necessary tension/friction to make the tape spin.
> >once detached from the wheel the wheels of course just turn without
> >moving the tape.
> Loop cassettes are available in various lengths. These will work in
> any cassette deck, with the proviso that they are "single sided" -
> that is the cassette is constructed to run in one direction only and
> you can't flip it over or rewind it.
> In my experience with loop cassettes I've found that there is
> invariably a dropout at the punch in/out point. Perhaps someone else
> has developed some techniques to circumvent this?
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