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Grand Buddah Marching Band

Hello Everyone!

If you have received this invitation, it is because you are either already
involved in the big celebration for Pauline Oliveros' 70th birthday or you
might want to be. This will be a very fun event and the final celebration
of the weekend long festivities honoring Pauline Oliveros on the occasion
of her 70th birthday. For a description of the events and times and
locations of the performances check out: 

     ***********************    THIS INVITATION    ***********************

Everyone is invited to come to a pot luck picnic and to participate in a
performance of the GRAND BUDDAH MARCHING BAND by Pauline Oliveros. For
detailed instructions about the piece itself, please refer to the *GRAND
BUDDAH SCORE.PO* which is attached to this email [Actually it wasn't 
attached, so e-mail Brenda if you want it - RZ]. Most things in the 
invitation are explained in the *SCORE*. However, if you  have any 
questions, please ask. In the meantime, some specifics:

DATE:           Sunday, June 2
TIME:           1:00 to 5:00
WHERE:          Dolores Park
located  between 18th and 20th Streets and between Dolores and Church in
San Francisco
WHAT TO BRING:  yourself, your friends and family and something to eat- to
share or not.
WHAT TO DO:     We will begin by gathering in the park at 1:00. Eat and 

At 2:30 PM we will take our positions around the *SPIRAL* (see score). At a
*SIGNAL* (score) from the *DRUM MAJOR* (score), we will begin.

When the march is finished, we will decorate and eat a large BIRTHDAY CAKE
and continue to celebrate in what will hopefully be a lovely, sunny

     *****************   PLEASE PASS THIS INVITATION ALONG    

So, please come. Regular updates will follow this initial invitation.
For instance: What does the DRUM MAJOR look like? For those of you who know
Tom Bickley, this is no problem. (Thank you Tom!)
What will he be wearing? A question of interest to all concerned.
What is the *SIGNAL* for beginning the march? Etc. etc.

SO please ask questions about the score or the event or anything else that
needs clarifying. I would like everyone to feel comfortable and have a
sense that they know what is happening that day at any given time. It would
also be nice to be able to explain what is happening to anyone walking by
and to invite him or her to join in the celebration.

If you are not interested in hearing anymore about this, please let me
know, and I will not send any more mail to you.