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My music

Well, I'm making my first tenative steps towards
making my music available to the public. I've
finally hooked my tape decks back up to the
stereo, so I'm able to make tape dubs of the
various recordings I've done so far. I'm dubbing
tapes to pass around to friends and a few
college/public radio affiliated individuals who
have expressed interest in what I'm doing. 

While I don't really consider the recordings I've
made so far to be "definitive", in terms of what
I can and/or want to do, I think it's time that I
make some efforts towards raising my public
profile, as it were. I would tend to think of
what I'm doing now as "bedroom demos" more so
than the actual "album" that I plan to record in
the near future (as soon as I get some kind of
multi track gear...still haven't made up my mind
if I want a four track, or if I should go ahead
and spring for one of those digital 8 or 16 track
machines they have at Sam Ash). 

Anyway, the reason I'm posting this hear is, if
anyone is interested in hearing what I'm doing,
please e-mail me off list, and perhaps we can
make arrangements in that direction. I'm not sure
what to charge, but I'm thinking it can't be much
more than 2 or 3 bucks, since I'm just making
tapes using my home stereo (and hence, the
quality won't be audiophile, as such), and the
packaging will be pretty bare bones (ie no real

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