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New Portable Multitrack...

Anyone got a hold of a Zoom MRS-4 4 track recorder ?
It's their newer portable guy that uses compact flash media.
They look like a super deal at $230 online....but they record
at 32kHz, 20 bit encoding....  (I don't know how many bits
the audio is actually stored as)  But besides the 4 tracks there
are 8 virtual tracks per track, it syncs to MIDI and it comes with
software to transfer audio to a Mac or PC.  You can also set
up markers and do A-B looping.  (To keep OT)  (as well as
auto punch-in) I can't find any reviews yet...but it is on the shelf.

Yeah....I still have a lot to learn with my old gear....  like my
Chroma Polaris, DSS1, DSM, Matrix 6, TX, DX, QV, JamMan....
(anybody got patches to swap?)
But none of my old technology will let me hike into the woods
and record multitrack in an abandoned mine.....