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Re: Time-code sync issues...(help!!)

> 1.  Is there a controller number or note number for Start Point which I
> could send from MAX/MSP?  And the same for changing 8th/beat on the fly?

Remember that anything that you can adjust via the front panel buttons is
also accessable via MIDI.  But it requires several MIDI messages.

So to access Start Point from MIDI, send the same sequence as
1) one press/release of Parameter
2) one press/release of Next Loop (now functioning as Start Point)
3) one long press/release of Parameter (to return to normal mode) OR four
short press/releases

You can record this sequence and replay it or capture it with a "MIDI
Sniffer" program like MIDI-OX et al but basically, it is a series of
NoteOn/Off commands (or CC commands depending on the ControlSource value).

> 2.  Is anyone else using Time Code to drive their Obie from a computer?
> having a REAL tough time resolving syncing issues... There is drift, not
> exact record triggering, yada yada...  Any advice or known difficulties
> would be appreciated...

I've used MIDI Sync (the one byte MIDI timing clock message) with good

But in my case, Kyma is generating the MIDI Sync.  Do you have a way to
check the stability of your MIDI sync?  Even with the dedicated processors
in Kyma, I observe a bit of jitter.  I'd expect quite a bit more with a
regular computer.  If you have a drum machine try making a metronome driven
by the MIDI from MAX/MSP.  Then listen for jitter and drift.

Hope this helps...

And remember the mantra, "All this is easier in Loop IV!"

Dennis Leas