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Re: Lexicon MPX500=good loop mangler?

That goes away from my dream of keeping it in a single rack space, but
it does bring up a good point.  Would a filter box, like the Line6 pro
be "more bang for the buck"?  Would I miss the reverbs?  I'm using the
DSP128 exclusivly for a very long 100% wet reverb, for when things need
to get DEEP.  I guess I'm kind of asking for the mpx500 and a filter
modeler in one single rack space box, and I'm probably not going to get


"Reid, Benjamin" wrote:

> I've used the Sherman Filterbank 2 for about 4 months now. Hard to
> beat for sheer sonic destruction. Actually a nice complement to the
> MPX500 since the 500 has more traditional effects and the Sherman is
> just nutty (it doesn't get nice).
> Ben
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> From: Mark Sottilaro [mailto:sine@zerocrossing.net]
> Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 2002 3:06 AM
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> Subject: Lexicon MPX500=good loop mangler?
> I tell ya, all this talk about learning to use the gear you have is
> starting to make me a little sick.
> So here's my deal.  I'm looking for the "perfect" processor to put in
> the stereo effects loop of my Repeater.  Since I know "perfect"
> doesn't
> exist, I'll settle for less.  I'm thinking of the Lexicon MPX500.
> Anyone with experience with that baby?
> Here's some of what I'd like to see:
> Stereo ins and outs a must.
> Line level operation a must.  (getting the levels right for the Vortex
> was a bitch)
> MIDI synchable effects.  I really liked the Lexicon Vortex for synched
> effects, but having to deal with that tap tempo all the time drove me
> nuts.  Need to keep my hands on my guitar!
> Some good meat and potato effects and some wacky stuff.  Ping Ponging
> delays of maddness.  Nice sweep filters.
> A SINGLE rack space.  (it's all I have left and I will not go back to
> two racks!)
> Good sound quality.  Hell, it's replacing a Digitech DSP128, so if
> it's
> as good or better than that I'm set.  I guess my priorities lie with
> loop *manglege*
> So that's it.  I've had thoughts about waiting for the KAOSS pad II
> (anyone have an inkling as to when this is going to be released?), but
> would like to keep it in the rack as much as I can.