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Re: NUBUS Macintosh as sampler?

I'm fixing to install Ableton's Live (interactive loop/sequencing app)
on a G4.....  It might run on your machine....check them out on the web:
I'm sure your sound manager outputs would be OK for most applications,
particularly live.  There is generally a bit of low-level buzzing in the
but if you maintain a high signal level.....
Ableton can handle all kinds of MIDI control....it is designed to be used 
a performance tool as well as real time loop tweaking....

paul@brainvirus.org wrote:

> Is anyone Mac as a sampler/looper? If so, what are the external 
> options; (I think Back To Basics uses the actual keyboard!) I assume 
> is a footswitch somehow applicable here? Is the built in audio output 
> to go to a mixer from?
> Thanks
> Paul Sherman