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Unidentified subject!

Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 17:56:19 +0100
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Subject: essential loop recordings?
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Just been browsing the LD website - what's happening with the essential 
recordings pages? Is Michael Peters still around to update things (or 
perhaps too busy 
touring now that the Alarm are back together... :o) If not, is someone 
else up for taking it 
on? What are your essential loop recordings??? anyone got any faves? faves 
relating to 
certain pieces of gear? 

For me, it's Andre's EDP+guitar solo stuff from the end on last year - 
amazing stuff, 
hugely inspiring, entertaining and innovative - never all that far from my 
CD player, and 
one of the main reasons I bought an EDP... 

Also Frisell's latest CD with Elvin and Dave Holland - some great useage 
of loopage in a 
band setting there - beautifully integrated. Don't know how much of it was 
in real time, 
but still very loopalicious. 

ta ta