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Re: Behringer DSP2024 Virtualizer(was RE: Lexicon MPX500=good loop mangler?)

They're selling for $149 on musiciansfriend.com (The Guitar Center's Web
retailer, so you could probably pick one up there for the same)

It's *almost* the exact box I'm looking for (and so damn cheap!)... sans  
synch.  Not even a tap tempo for delays.  Seems such a shame these days to
overlook this feature.  The line6 pro stuff all has it, but seems too 
for what they do.  If they made a Delay/Mod/Filter Pro model in that price
range, it would be a clear winner.  The Electrix stuff fit this bill too, 
the double rackspace design seems an incredable waste of space.  (they're 
like 5 inches deep!)

So much for the dream of a single rack!

Another box that looks promising is the (currently non existant) Alesis 
Anyone with inside info on that box?  Will it have MIDI synchable effects? 
guess it was shown at the Winter NAMM show.  I called Alesis, and they 
"What we know is on the web page."

Oh boy.

Mark Sottilaro

Luigi Meloni wrote:

> I think you could find one for about 180 US Dollars,  since here in 
>Italy I
> have found one for 190 Euro... Obviously we're talking about the new
> Virtualizer...
> Peace
> Luigi
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> Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2002 6:28 PM
> Subject: Behringer DSP2024 Virtualizer(was RE: Lexicon MPX500=good loop
> mangler?)
> > andy butler recommended:
> >
> > <snips>  the Behringer DSP2024 Virtualizer,
> > which has reverb and filters.(+much more)
> >
> > not as good as the individual boxes, and you need a MIDI controller
> > to really mangle in real time.
> > ...but if cost is a consideration, this undercuts the others by a 
> > of about 4.
> >
> > Are these units shipping in the US yet?  There's one on eBay--what's 
> > What's a good price?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Gary
> >