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Re: expression pedal with all access

it also has a barrel connector for power, which is what i am using.
you only need their converter cable if you want to power it through the 
midi cable...

i think it uses pin 1 and 7 on the midi cable for 9vac.
i'm thinking pin 2 of a 7pin matches pin 1 of a 5pin because the 
alignment notch is in the center...

> ...but, doesn't the all access receive power on pins 6 and 7?  i will 
>need a
> 7 pin to get into the all access and i can come from a 5 pin.
> of course, rocktron builds the 5-to-7 converter cable.  it can be yours 
> 24 bucks and what i've heard to be a very long wait.
> -jim