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Re: Behringer DSP2024 Virtualizer(was RE: Lexicon MPX500=good loop mangler?)

In a message dated 16/05/02 22:18:33 GMT Daylight Time, 
Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com writes:

> <snips>  the Behringer DSP2024 Virtualizer,
>  which has reverb and filters.(+much more)
>  not as good as the individual boxes, and you need a MIDI controller
>  to really mangle in real time.
>  ...but if cost is a consideration, this undercuts the others by a factor
>  of about 4.
>  Are these units shipping in the US yet?  There's one on eBay--what's 
>  What's a good price?
>  Thanks,
>  Gary

Not yet it seems.
Currently the price is TBA,

d=8&lang=eng">Click here: BEHRINGER : Price List
price will, I think, be $159 
if you go ebay, make sure you go for the exact model number