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RE: Behringer DSP2024 Virtualizer

Mark, Greg,

first, there are the two switch outputs, which can be set when calling up
any patch or by dedicated footswitches (which double as bank up/down
switches). These are latching switches, which can be used fine for
controlling a guitar amp, but (without reprogramming or rewiring) I don't
see any possibility to control a tap tempo in (vortex-like).

Then there's the possibility to send note-on information in time with your
tapping to tap a tempo (does anybody know of a delay which can be tapped by
note-ons?), and then there's the "tap tempo". This works like this: You
specify a maximum delay time for your delay device divided by 10 (with the
forementioned maximum value of 1270), and then you specify the controller
number for controlling the delay time of your effect and the controller
value corresponding to the maximum delay time specified. When you tap the
corresponding footswitch, what happens is that the FCB performs a
vortex-like algorithm for downscaling the delay time until it falls below
the "maximum delay time", then sends the controller value so the delay is
tap synced.


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> I think what  he's talking about is that the FCB1010 has both MIDI out
> and "Switch" out.  By switch, they mean the type of foot switch that
> many keyboards use as sustain pedals, and the JamMan and
> Vortex use for
> functions.  Just a basic momentary non latching switch, I believe.
> Anyway, you can program any of the FCB1010's switches to send
> this info
> with or without a MIDI signal.  The unit you're sending it to
> would have
> to have a "tap tempo" input, like the Vortex does.
> Mark Sottilaro
> Greg House wrote:
> > --- SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:
> > >  Re: Behringer DSP2024 Virtualizer
> >
> > > Tap time delays are possible using the
> > > FCB1010 footpedal, which has a feature to
> > > make any MIDI controlled delay tappable.
> > > (but only up to 1.2s)
> >
> > Really! Can you tell us more about how this works?
> >
> > This idea makes me want to get a FCB1010 even more. Might make some
> > older gear seem a lot more contemporary.
> >
> > Greg
> >
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