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Re: OT -- USB audio interfaces

My experience with the Tascam 428 running along with an 500 mhz imac and 
a fast 7500 ibm hardrive, has been excellent.

I've repeatedly read about the horrors of the USB audio interface.  
Bottom line, the 428 has proved to be an excellent product for digital 
recording, and the USB interface on my Mac has worked very well.


On Saturday, May 18, 2002, at 11:52 PM, Luigi Meloni wrote:

> Hi. I would steer away from usb audio interfaces. The ones I have tried
> seemed to be really unreliable and cpu-heavy. To make live recordings 
> I'm
> actually buying a RME Hammerfall (it is a cardbus device + external
> half/rack module). It gives me the possibility to record at a really 
> high
> quality up to 24 tracks on three adat In and Outs, with the Digiface 
> module,
> and I know that there is the Multiface module that has balanced I/O + 
> adat
> I/O + SP/DIF and midi. It is really reliable and it has Asio2.0 drivers 
> for
> a real low latency. Plus, if you want you can connect with a PCI card 
> the
> same modules to your desktop, too. For informations you can take a look 
> on
> the www.RME.com site. It is cheaper than the various MOTU devices.
> Or, if you have a firewire interface, you could take a look to 
> www.motu.com
> , since they have various Firewire devices.
> Peace
> Luigi
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> Subject: OT -- USB audio interfaces
>> Hi all,
>> I'm trying to put together a little portable system
>> using my G3 iBook to make live recordings. I've been
>> looking at the Edirol UA-1A USB Audio Interface,
>> which seems simple enough to suit my purposes
>> (if it does in fact work). That, a couple of decent
>> mics and ProTools and I'll be good to go . . . I think.
>> Anyone out there with experience with a UA-1A?
>> Got any other USB audio interface suggestions?
>> Thanks,
>> Ted Killian