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Re: OT -- USB audio interfaces

     I have heard many mixed reviews of the USB audio interfaces. It is 
good that someone using the Tascam has replied. It's really dependant on 
one's needs are. From what I understand, the USB interfaces will only 
allow 2 
ins & 2 outs simlutaneously. This will actually be quite fine for many 
performance situations. If you only needed to record one stereo track at a 
time, then you woud be fine on the recording side too. I don't know if 
are any monitoring latency issues to deal with though. A big plus to the 
Tascam is the fact that it has the 8 user assignable faders. Make sure 
your software will work with any interface you want to buy. I think that 
USB interfaces are mostly focused on ASIO applications for now. I am also 
wondering if any of the current USB interfaces will be upwardly compatible 
with the newer USB 2.0 spec.
     A very important question is, how much CPU power does the particular 
interface you are interested in take to run? On paper, it looks like the 
interface available for Laptops is the RME Multiface. They claim that they 
are transparent to the CPU. They also allow the user to send ASIO out 
1&2, GSIF out ports 3&4, MME out 5&6... (port assignments are not fixed). 
RME is more expensive than the MOTU 828, but less expensive than the 896. 
>From using a MOTU 2408 on a PC, I feel that the MOTU is really meant for 
Mac setup. As previously mentioned, the standard price for the 828 is 
$699.00, but I have seen it for $679.00 at MIDI Classics. Most retailers 
selling The Echo Layla and Mona Laptop interfaces for $799.00, but they 
be purchased from 8thStreet for $695.00. 
     I just purchased an Echo Audio Layla24 Laptop interface. I actually 
wanted to buy an RME Multiface, but none were available. From talking to a 
dozen or so retailers (US), it looked like it would be a month or two 
anyone would have one in stock. So when they become available again, I 
trade-in my Layla for a Multiface. I might also find that I am perfectly 
happy with the Layla. 

In a message dated 05/20/2002 1:27:04 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
lists@collective.co.uk writes:

> I've heard good things about both the Hammerfall devices and the MOTU 
>  but I think you're wrong about the Hammerfall being cheaper. E.g. at
>  audiomidi.com:
>  MOTU 828 - $699
>  Hammerfall DSP cardbus+multiface - $1040
>  cheers,
>  os.