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RE: trs plugs

I've ordered from partsexpress.com with some success. can't compare price
with other mentioned but for items I know the price for they were
competetive. and they shipped hella fast.

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Last time I shopped for plugs, the best price I found was from
Markertek. They beat the electronics places by a large margin at that
point in time.

I also prefer Neutriks, especially for TRS plugs. They are MUCH easier
to solder into. Switchcraft TRS's are tedious. I like the Neutrik
strain reliefs better too. The only downside to Neutrik 1/4" plugs is
that the body is slightly larger, so they might not fit if you had a
tight connection. 


--- jim palmer <jimp@pobox.com> wrote:
> i think mouser electronics had a good price on neutriks.
> but you should also check digikey, allied, newark, etc...
> switchcraft are also good and a bit cheaper, but i like the
> neutriks...
> > does anyone just happen to have a good bulk source for 1/4" TRS
> plugs? i need to get with the
> > re-cabling. thanks!
> > 
> > jon/skincage
> > 

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