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Re: Effects units

Hi Steve
Eclipse is the only 1 space rack unit on the market today working 
24bit/96KHz. It has a full array of analog/digital spdif-aesebu-optical-
adat inputs/outputs. The unit has a collection of about 90 algorithms, 
with more to come on next OS releases and CF card libraries. Eclipse is 
a dual engine unit that can run 2 algorithms at the same time. It's 
about 5/6 times more powerful than the legendary industry standard 
H3000. It features 40 seconds delay, hi-quality verbs, granular 
plexverbs, reverse delays, up to 8 voice Eventide pitch shifting, crazy 
preamps, multiband distortion, polyfuzzes, ring modulators, multi voice 
chorus/flanger/delays/shifters, multiband delays, phaser, parametric 
eqs, comb delays, resonators, oscillators, reverse shifters, looping 
and much more... you can run the 2 engines in different routings. The 
unit has a ModBlock that can be used to patch parameters to modulators, 
being midi controllers, tap tempo, Lfo, input dynamics, adsr, envelope 
follower, etc.
You cannot edit Eclipse algorithms to level structure or build your 
own: this is something you can only do on DSP7000/7500/Orville monsters.
Nevertheless 90 algorithms that can be combined in pairs with full 
editable parameters, make Eclipse the most open box in the "close 
structure" boxes market. We just released a new operative system, with 
new features and more presets. User patches can be saved internally or 
on a CFC card. Patches can be sent/received over the Internet.
OS updates are downloadable from the Net...for free.
Get a chance to give Eclipse a careful listening...you'll be surprised.
Here are its manuals and info literature:
We have a support area/forum with many users, Eventide Helps, at:
lots of info, tutorials, patches, mp3s!
Join it...

all the best
Italo De Angelis

> I have been thinking about getting an Eventide Eclipse which looks
> amazing, but I am wondering what anyones thoughts are about whether or
> not it is worth it for the price?
> I recently saw a TC Electronics M2000 for about $700 and was wondering
> if maybe that might be comparable to the Eclipse and save me some mone
> in the mean time?
> Thanks,
> Steve

Italo De Angelis
Preset Design Engineer - Audio Division