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RE: expression pedal with all access

sorry to exhume thread but I got a new piece of gear and i'm a bit 

I got the CP-251, which is a control voltage mixer/controller. It 
it's own expression pedal which has a single line out of the thing. Does
anyone have experience with this and can they offer a suggestion on whether
I need to buy this or can jerry-rig something else?

My guess is that it's just a TRS line which could be duplicated through my
Ernie Ball mono pedal using a TRS breakout cable. Anyone know if this is
true? I am reluctant to experiment with the thing and short it out by
accident. Log range is OK.

Thanks in advance,


PS my application is controlling the Sherman which I monkey'd with last
night and it is just wicked. But I'd like to get a VCO kit too...

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you can use the ernie ball as-is with a standard insert cable, but you 
get a log curve - the middle position of the pedal does not 
translate to the middle of the control range.
in other words: if you set your control range to 0-127 (default),
the middle pos of the pedal will not result in a cc of 64...
in order to get this behavior, you have to replace the audio taper
pot with a linear taper pot...

> i think the ernie ball mono pedal will work fine....although i'm told 
> have to build a special cable for it...we'll see.
> -jim