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FS: Symetrix 606 delay/FX thingie

I have finally come to the conclusion I'm going to use my Line 6 DL4 a
lot more than I'll use this live so it's up for sale.

Symetrix 606 Delay/FX - $300. Single rack unit with power cord and a
copy of the manual.

Excellent condition delay with filter and looping capabilities. VERY
programmable with many knobs and settings etc. True stereo  (or dual
mono) pro delay unit that can mimic old tape delays, offer insane and
painful regeneration, or sound crystal clear. Loop or use LFOs to make
it a midi syncable monster with even more flavor than the good ol'
Lexicon Vortex. Or just use it in realtime tweaking knobs like an old
Digitech Time machine on steroids.

Some User reviews at:

Asking $300 plus shipping. Will accept USPS MO or Paypal from verified
members  (you pay the fees and get immediate shipment). Trades possible.

Will sell the the first person to confirm the deal via phone so send a #
to speed things up.