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Re: Effects units

I've not heard a mention of the Line 6 products.  Anyone here using the 
Mod Pro
or the Filter Pro for loop mangeling?


Rainer Straschill wrote:

> Steve,
> I recently acquired a TC Electronics Fireworx I got used for ?1000, and
> although I only found the time to barely check through the presets, I'm
> convinced that this is THE device:
> The great thing about the Fireworx is the the great combination of
> "traditional" high quality effects (reverbs, pitch shifter, delay), 
> routing, parameter tweaking and realtime control and the addition of 
> extremely weird algorithms. If you absolutely need the best pitch shifter
> available - go for Eventide, for the best reverb in town, Lexicon might 
> the address, but for my use (I don't need reverbs that sound like a real
> room found anywhere on earth, anyway), the Fireworx does the trick as the
> "all-in-one single rackspace" machine several people have asked for on 
> list recently.
> A few highlights (mentioned partially with regard to ongoing threads 
> the best distortion I found so far in a device that was not made 
> for distortion, including digital sampling artifacts generator. A fine
> vocoder. A monophonic synth, which can be controlled by a pitch tracker, 
> you can have a synth that tracks your voice and sends the corresponding 
> notes at the same time. The great "modifier matrix" concept. The filters 
> the bomb!
> Back to the discussion which had been ongoing here re: "How many loop
> manglers does one need ?": I could live with just the Fireworx as a loop
> mangler, plus a second Fireworx for the non-loop stuff, and then I'd be
> ready to extremely strip my rack down, getting rid of the Sony GR-MP5, 
> Digitech StudioQuad (a great device for its price BTW, the V2 version is
> going for below ?125 on ebay recently), the Vortex, the DL4 and the 
> Factory and just keep the Fireworxes plus a compressor...
>         Rainer
> Rainer Straschill
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> > I have been thinking about getting an Eventide Eclipse which looks
> > amazing, but I am wondering what anyones thoughts are about whether or
> > not it is worth it for the price?
> >
> > I recently saw a TC Electronics M2000 for about $700 and was wondering
> > if maybe that might be comparable to the Eclipse and save me
> > some money
> > in the mean time?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Steve
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