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RE: totally ot . . .

Title: totally ot . . .
thanks, i'm hip to them. i'm looking for clearing houses/shops of many labels.
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Is a label that specializes in American music not otherwise represented in the commercial marketplace. Heavy emphasis on "contemporary" 20th century classical & Avant Garde Jazz.


They get grants to fund recordings from the NEA, Lila Wallace, Rockefeller Foundation, etc.  So the recordings they put out are usually very high quality.


I used to work there and have most of the catalog from 5-years ago back to the company's inception. So let me know if you have any questions about an older release.


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sorry, but you all are a great resource.

does anybody out there know of any good places to find hard-to-get or used 20t/21st-century ("contemporary") "classical" music?

mailorder or web-based merchandising is cool.

i'm thinking of a place like downtown music gallery or wayside, except they do that other stuff.



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