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re: Sightings and Advertising

>>>There's a somewhat longer (and much nicer) review of Steve Lawson's
"Conversations" CD in the latest Bass Player mag. Check that out too.
His disc is much more deserving IMHO. Those of you who have not
heard it yet are realy missing something.<<<


thanks very much for that! It is a rather nice review, posted below for
those who haven't seen it...

    (Pillow Mountain: www.steve-lawson.co.uk)
    Bassist: Lawson
    Instrument: Fretless Modulus OB6
    Lawson's second release, a  totally improvised
    collection features pianist Jez Carr. Lawson's
    penchant for capturing the moment always
    leaves room for fun surprises. recorded
    live without "studio trickery," Lawson's
    fretless (played through Line6 DL4 delay
    pedal) conjures a massive range of tender,
    brutal and sometimes hilarious emotions. (EF)"

There are sound clips on both the websites listed below...

>>>On the page facing the repeater review (in GP) is an "advert" for my CD
too (right next to the one for Ten Years After). But don't be confused
if the ad calls it a "new" CD. Yes, I know it's over 10 months old now.
When neither you nor the label has a lot of moolah it takes a while to
get around to doing some things . . . like advertising. <<<

I really hope you get some good sales out of it Ted. Where else have people
advertised their music, and what levels of success have you had with it?

I've just put both of my CDs up for sale at www.cdbaby.com which looks like
a great site. Clear listings, good search facilities, and a good financial
deal... we'll see what happens with sales...