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BSP: armatronix w/ zachary stowasser & d.funk

Hello again,

Time for another installment of the ol' obligatory Blatant Self
Promotion.  If you're getting sick of these, please write me a polite
note and I'll be happy to remove you from the List.

Once again, this Friday May 24th, armatronix will grace the historic
stage of Sweet Springs Saloon, Los Osos' finest drinking and dining

For your dancing pleasure, I'm honored to share the bill this time with
DJs Zachary Stowasser and D.Funk.  Diji-D is in Costa Rica, so I'll be
flying solo during armatronix' set.

I'm also happy to announce our new partnership with Red Bull, makers of
fine energy beverages.  While they last, Red Bull and vodka will be the
same price as a shot of vodka.  So come down early and tie one on!

The show will start around 9:30 pm and last until 1:30 am, and the cover
is only $3!  Sorry kids, 21 and over only.  And if you're not there I
hope you have a good excuse this time. :)

Your pal,

-Hans Lindauer