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RE: diy isobox

This is a common complaint for DAWers. I've done a little research on
"quiet" power supplies and came up with this:
and this:
but that link is dead on my end.

PC Power and Cooling makes an "ultra quiet" PS that some have raved about
and some have shrugged at (these "some" are usenet posters). I think
Antec(?) makes cases and supplies that are thought to be quiet too.

Even though I haven't tried one of these supplies myself, I've given up on
the idea of quiet fans solving the problem -- they can never be quiet
enough. I've yet to find a solution myself besides getting as far away from
the box as possible when mic recording.


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> Subject: diy isobox
> for the computer-based folks (since i imagine there are a lot of you):
> has anyone come up with a cheap but decent way of cutting down on
> fan noise that retains safe
> ventilation? fan noise didn't use to get to me but now it's
> really starting to. i've
> considered using extension cables, but then i'd have to go to
> another room to put in CDRs or
> cold boot. surely there's a better way without dropping a grand
> on a professional isolation
> cabinet.
> thanks!
> jon/skincage