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Re: Live Multitrack Laptop Looping Suggestions?!

Gary Phillips wrote:

>You need to check out Ableton's Live....for Mac or PC.....
>I was going to pick up the Repeater...my current looping tool
>is a JamMan.....  but I opted for software and the Roland BR532
>portable digital 4 track.  I wanted something that was deadly quiet-
>no hard drive noise, could run on batteries, and that I could transfer
>tracks digitally into Live and Performer.  Plus it has 32 tracks if you
>count the 8 virtual per 4 tracks.

How do you get the data digitally from the BR532 to the computer?  Do you
just transfer the smart media cards to a reader on your computer, or do you
use the MIDI ports?  What digital format is the music in?