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music stores (was MPX-1 $425 blowout)

For me, the worst part of playing music for years was dealing with music
store salesman. Now that I have groups like this for my research and 
sites who don't mind a full return before one month, I haven't been to a
music store for months.

The last time I was- was  in Sam Ash in New York on the infamous 48th st. 
took 10 minutes to get anyone's attention, then when I finally got what I
wanted, I waited in line for another 5-7 minutes just to get a check out
slip, then I waited another 10 minutes to pay for it, only then to wait
another 3 minutes for the security guard to check everone out as they were
leaving. Not one of the people I delt with were friendly or kind. Think 
be going there again? I don't think so.

Best Wishes