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Title: Improvised Music at the Smell May 29
sorry for the late notice . . .

Come out this Wednesday to The Smell and check a great show of improvised music.

First up is the cooperative trio of:

Jeff Kaiser: trumpet/electronics/loopage/ voice
G.E. Stinson: guitars/electronics/loopage
Steuart Liebig: basses/electronics/loopage 

and second is:

Vince Meghrouni - Fiendhorns
Dan Clucas - trumpet, flute, suds
Joe Baiza - guitar
Jeremy Keller - guitar
Eric Sbar - Euphonium, Valve Trombone
Wayne Griffith - Drums

Wednesday, May 29 @ 9:00pm
The Smell
247 South Main (between 2nd and 3rd)
[enter + parking in alley around back]
Downtown Los Angeles
$5 admission