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Re: Repeater Remote Control

The FS300 has three footswitches that control (from left to right) Undo,
Stop/Start, Record.  Hitting record once to start the loop, and a second
time to end the loop does not stop the loop at all.  I don't know how
the FS300 is wired, but it seems very simple.  Easy to reverse engineer.


Brother Sean wrote:

> I have been capturing loops with my repeater via a Fatar PS-100 foot
> switch. This is just a simple
> on/off footswitch. It does a fine job of capturing the loop when
> directly plugged into the footswitch jack of the
> Repeater. The problem is once I capture the loop I then have to hit
> play on the repeaterís front panel to engage it. This
> never was a problem when I used my FCB1010 to capture loops they just
> automatically started playing after
> I captured them.
> I would like to steer clear of midi control if possible though.
> Do any of you who use the digitech FS300 for capturing loops have
> similar issues (of course you could just hit play on the footswitch
> but do you have to hit play at all) or is it just my PS100 switch?
> Thanks lots!
> Kevin McPeak
> www.brothersean.com