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Re: The Silence is Deafening: there is some sort of problem

-it seems that there is some sort of problem. I'd call this a reasonable
assumption at this point. But,  What about those who were at the release
party and got the upgrade. What say you?
> Gary Lehmann wrote:
>> Not being overly cautious, let me be the first to point out the obvious 
>> for the other shoe to drop with regard to the Echoplex Upgrade.  It's 
>been a
>> while since the first batch was distributed to those who were in 
>> at the Pre-Release Showcase--over a month by my reckoning.  Heck, it was
>> over a month ago that Kim predicted the Loop IV software would be ready 
>> ship in a week.
>> Hey, don't get me wrong--I can be as patient as the next manual-lovin'
>> technophile.  Actually, this IS me being patient (if still tweaked that 
>> couldn't be at Loopstock OR the Oakland party).  I am simply giving 
>voice to
>> the (obviously) silent majority who are waiting to see what years of 
>> work will mean to EDP owners.
>> In the meantime, any San Diego loopers out there?  I'm in the 92064 
>> Gary