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Re: Powered PA speakers?

Hi Mark,

I've had a pair of SRM 450s for three years now. I paid $625 each.  They
replaced two Eon 15s. I think I can say without reservation that they're 
of the best investments I've made in gear. I don't expect I'll need to
replace them for a long, long time.  Singing through them is such a joy,
they're so transparent.  I've used them for synths, acoustic guitar and
vocals in small venues..

Marc Roche
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Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2002 6:54 PM
Subject: Powered PA speakers?

> Hey gang,
> I've been doing small shows with a pair of Peavey KB60 keyboard amps.
> They actually seem to do a pretty good job, and they were very
> inexpensive at a time when I was very broke.  I've played a few gigs
> lately where they were using the Mackie SRM 450s, and each time I've
> thought to my self, "gee those sound damn good."  Are they really worth
> it?
> So here's my question, are they the best deal around?  I'm hoping for
> nothing bigger, and the polycarbonate cabs will probably do wonders for
> my back (the Peavey's would make wonderful boat anchors)  At $700 a
> piece, they're a bit pricey.  I see the JBL Eon 15 going for $400/per.
> Has anyone done a comparison?  If the main issues are wattage, I'm more
> interested in quality.  The 60w Peaveys have been fine for the small
> places I tend to play (cafes, parties)
> Yamaha and Behringer also have similar products in the $400 range.  Any
> opinions?
> I just have a feeling I'll have a hard time at a music shop trying to
> make comparisons over the din of Stairway to Halen and I know this bunch
> is pretty discerning when it comes to sound quality.
> Mark Sottilaro