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Kanjira; was Re: re:Loop im Park - German Loopstock? and self introduction

>Jup, not only in the states, also in india the lizards which where hunted
for the kanjira skin are
>protected now. Itīs already quite difficult to get kanjiras and I decided
to go for the remo one,
>which has a plastic skin, but of course doesnt sound as good as a real 

Believe it or not, I found a real one this weekend fopr a crazy nice price,
which is why I asked about the skins.  I've been religously protecting it
from elements and being tender playing it, but I'm about to be even more
careful, based on what you said:)  I have to say, though, that nothing
matches the ability to tune a real skin head with water and/or heat!  I
guess with a remo you never have to tune it, but what's fun with that?