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Re: Why I produce LOOPING FESTIVALS: is looping a valid musical artform?

Second that - thanks Rick for providing this very approachable view of
it is that brings us together here.

It's the gear - right?  <just kidding>

Actually - the question of 'looping' as a free-standing musical style
always been a non-issue.  No more relevant than whether or not we
incorporate  the 'multimedia experience' to the mix, or whether you
acrylics over oils.  Fact is art needs no labels in and of itself.  They
provide a convenient way of talking about certain artists or approaches,
and helps identify certain things that artists have in common.  In
I find labels too convenient for non-artists to pigeonhole works that
feel compelled to comment on...

The crew on this list probably all transcend the label, though -in one
or another.

Dan Ash